Friday, May 22, 2020

In the News: New Synthetic Opioid, Mixed With Cocaine, Detected in Overdose Cases

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new synthetic opioid, mixed cocaine, detected in overdose cases

New Synthetic Opioid, Mixed With Cocaine, Detected in Overdose Cases
Health officials in Illinois and Indiana say a new synthetic opioid appears to be linked to some overdose cases, USA Today reports. Read More
sources of illegal drugs change during pandemic, leading to new overdose risks
Sources of Illegal Drugs Change During Pandemic, Leading to New Overdose Risks
The coronavirus pandemic is impacting the supply chain of illegal drugs, leading to new overdose risks, experts tell NPR.
Read More

number of opioid deaths may be much higher than previously believed
Number of Opioid Deaths May be Much Higher Than Previously Believed
The number of deaths due to opioid overdoses may be much higher than previously thought, according to a new study. Read More
During this time of uncertainty, we're still here to support families.

COVID-19 Pandemic Makes Mental Health Treatment Harder to Obtain
The COVID-19 pandemic is making it more difficult for people to obtain mental health treatment, the Associated Press reports. Read More
Study Suggests 19 is Good Legal Age for Marijuana Use; Some Experts Disagree
A new Canadian study suggests 19 is the optimal minimum age for legal recreational marijuana use. Some experts say they are concerned about the impact of the drug on brain development before 25. Read More
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