Thursday, May 7, 2020

šŸ”„ Human on Fire with Jessica Landon – Episode 133

As an actress and comedienne, Jessica made numerous appearances on TV shows and partied with big celebs like Hugh Hefner, but her lifestyle came at a cost.
After becoming a 24/7 vodka drinker she entered what would be her first rehab facility in 2009.
Over the next six years, Jessica entered treatment nine more times, hit a family of seven while driving, and fell over a railing causing a near-fatal brain hemorrhage.
When she was admitted to the hospital, Jessica weighed 78 pounds, had a blood-alcohol level of .503, and a blood staph infection.
After surviving so many brushes with death, the pain associated with drinking finally outgrew the pleasure, and she was finally able to give up alcohol for good.
Today Jessica is more than 6 years sober.
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