Tuesday, May 19, 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine Update

We are blessed beyond measure to continue the Lord's work. Yesterday, 13 Department of Corrections inmates were allowed to enter our Supervised Reentry Program. They slept in a normal bed last night and will be quarantined for 2 weeks from the rest of the building. Tammy Porter, Supervised Reentry Program Director:
"Thursday was an extra special day for me. I had the privilege of picking up 13 Department of Corrections inmates from various locations: Julia Tutwiler Prison, Montgomery Women's Facility, Alabama Therapeutic Education Facility in Columbiana, and the Birmingham Work Release Program.

I wanted to jump up and cheer as the first 6 women waited on that back gate to open at Tutwiler. I just stood there and said, 'I am so glad to have you on my caseload!'  The looks on their faces were priceless. I was reminded of the first 6 who God led into the program in 2004.

We boarded the van and continued to make our rounds to the other institutions and I heard one of them say, 'I have been trying since last July to get in.' That was another moment that my old high school cheerleader wanted to come out! I thanked the Lord aloud in that van that everything had finally come together for her to be released into our program.

The hope on their faces.... The joy and excitement.... Hope in a better tomorrow and a better life through Christ and The Lovelady Center. The fact that they were going into a segregated place where they would be quarantined from the rest of the population did not matter one single bit. They were elated when they arrived at the Center and witnessed Melinda MeGahee, surrounded by Loveladies, standing at the edge, cheering for them and wishing them the very best. Each one of the prisoners became a princess in that very moment.

I am so very happy. To witness what Jesus does in the lives of the broken, in the lives of the 'least of these' is a remarkable honor."
Being a faith-based program, we receive no state or federal funding to house, feed or rehabilitate the inmates in our Supervised Reentry Program. With sales from our Thrift Stores being very slow upon reopening, we are facing very difficult times.

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