Monday, May 20, 2019

Sticks And Stones May Break Bones... But Sometimes Words Can Stigmatize.

Happy Friday everyone!

You know how the saying goes:
"Sticks and stones may break my bones... but words will never hurt me."
Though, sometimes words can stigmatize.
1. Our Disease Is Just Apart of Us.

This week we had a big emphasis on "recovery language." The words "addict," and "alcoholic" can carry a huge stigma on us, put us into a box, and dehumanize us. When someone thinks of those words, they don't think of our other roles. Yes, we're not denying what our diseases, but we're also mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, homeowners, great employees, children, and good friends.

We had the great opportunity to have guest host and recovery scientist Robert Ashford, MSW join us to talk about this intense and complicated issue. I encourage you to take a peek. 
2. New York City is Banning Alcohol Advertisement

More than a year after the board of Metropolitan Transportation Authority banned advertising of alcohol on New York City transportation, the City of New York is banning alcohol advertisements on most city-owned property.

Find out the latest, here.
3. Rob Lowe is killing it.

The actor took to social media last week with an encouraging message to others struggling with addiction while highlighting his 29 years of sobriety. Many other A-list celebs commemorated him on his success.

Read up on our favorite sober heartthrob, here.
4. When Dual Diagnosis Is Left Untreated

In this weeks podcast, Stephen sat down with Chris. Chris takes us through the high-speed Police chase that led him to five years confinement at a mental hospital prison, where his bipolar started to become the worst as it ever had been - along with high levels of alcohol consumption. 
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5. What You Need To Know About PAWS

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS, is a condition that is experienced by individuals with prolonged drug use after cessation of use. PAWS can last from a few months to upwards of two years, with each individual episode lasting anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks.

Learn more, here.
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