Friday, November 14, 2014

Texas Sees Rise in Liquid Meth: DEA Agent
November 13th, 2014/

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents are seeing a dramatic increase in liquid meth in Texas, according to an official with the agency.

“It can be put in drinking bottles. It can be placed in 55 gallon drums or even gas tanks,” said DEA Special Agent Wendell Campbell. “No longer is meth being moved only in crystal or powder form. Liquid meth is on the rise. It’s very concealable, it’s easy to get across that way and we’re seeing a dramatic increase in Texas and the Houston area.”

Liquid meth is dissolved in a solution, and is later converted to crystal or powder, ABC30reports. Last month liquid meth was found in candles in a bust near the Texas/Louisiana border, the article notes. The increased supply of liquid meth has led to lower prices for the drug.

The DEA is trying to track down the liquid before it can be converted to crystal or powder. “Our investigations have led us to discover them in shops and warehouses and neighborhoods,” Campbell said.

“Meth is now in the Houston region considered the number one drug threat in our region,” said Houston Police Captain Dale Brown.

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