Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rockers In Recovery Radio & Productions - Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters - As new Festival sponsors & supporters come aboard we will be up-dating this list.   
Please get To know The Festival Sponsors:

Advanced Health and Education-  Get to know Frank Norton Click Link > http://goo.gl/mgJhwk or by calling 978-407-4814    

Above All Recovery Center- Get To Know Steven Schwartz Click Link > http://goo.gl/Jv7lxt   or by calling 954-825-9242 

Destination Hope - Get To Know Candice Conway
Click Link > http://goo.gl/0MwvNC or by calling 954-200-9480

The Recovery Village - Get To Know Lisa Crawford Click Link >http://goo.gl/oSLiYX  or by calling 914-391-2949  

The Shores Treatment and Recovery - Get To Know Lyle Fried  Click Link > http://goo.gl/gR6qbB  or by calling 772-332-8711  

Advanced Medical Laboratories - Get To Know Dave (Reginald Jones) Click Link > http://goo.gl/4zuMJ7  or by calling 754-779-1830  

All About Recovery- Get To Know Stephanie Humphries Click Link > http://goo.gl/vCTCPN or by calling 561-502-7874

KLEAN Treatment Centers Long Beach - Get to know Milt Click Link > http://goo.gl/7uLEUg   

LavaLeads - Get To Know Vic Talha Click Link> http://goo.gl/D9DJ0c or by calling 954-234-1191   

Fellowship Living - Get To know Rick & Susan Riccardi Click Link > http://goo.gl/BHUDQk  or by calling (954) 249-5589 

Please Get To Know The Festival Supporters:   

Young People In Recovery - YPR is a national grassroots organization focused on peer-to-peer services for young people in, or seeking, recovery. Find a meeting in your area >http://goo.gl/6oBkQ9
The Addict's Mom - To fulfill our vision of "Sharing without Shame," and our mission, The Addict's Mom has put forth an ambitious program, achieving the following in the past year.   
See More > http://goo.gl/iIEn08      
ALL of Rockers In Recovery Productions are funded by sponsorship dollars.  

If you or your organization would like to be a sponsor of Rockers In Recovery through Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions Inc (For Profit Co) for more information call us at954-826-5968.

Rockers In Recovery is dedicated to addiction recovery through music, events, and festivals taking place within the clean and sober community. RIR is Addiction Awareness & Prevention through Rock-N-Roll.


Lori Sullivan 

RIR Corporate Office
Visit Us At - RockersInRecovery.org

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