Thursday, November 13, 2014

On Thursday November 13th at 7pm EST the Addict's Mom Live Video Meeting on In the Rooms Denise Krochta will be discussing how to have joyful holiday while loving an addict. 

From Denise,

When the holidays and families approach do you react with joy and anticipation or does fear, anxiety, and panic invade your whole being?
Many of us who have chaos and drama in our lives, due to mental illness, addiction, alcoholism, disease, can’t help but feel negatively about the holidays.

What is going to happen this time to disrupt our plans and peace? What will other people think when chaos occurs that they didn’t expect? Is it worth even participating in holiday and family events or should we just make excuses and stay at home?

Everyone should be able to enjoy their families and friends during special events and holidays no matter what chaos and drama surrounds them and no matter the choice of others. There are simple tools and strategies we can use to plan ahead.

Here are some questions to ask me.

Questions: What do the holidays with an addict mean to you? What has been your experience?

Can we plan ahead for the holidays so when (or if) chaos and drama takes over, we already have a plan and are not "jolted" with fear?

What things can we do, if we want to, for our addicts for the holidays so they feel loved but our other loved ones can feel loved and not neglected?

What do we do if we want to give gifts to everyone during the holidays and still be prudent and diplomatic?

Do we include our addicts in family gatherings? What are the possibilities and/or probabilities?

These are all questions we need to be able to answer ahead of time so we can enjoy our holidays. If we have a plan, decide who needs to be part of the plan, get everyone on the same page, and be 100% willing to implement the plan if necessary, joy and calm can be a possibility during holidays and family gatherings. 

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