Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
November 14–21
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Homeless and Addicted * Drug Scandals on Wall Street* Smuggling Drugs in Prison * Food Addiction * Have We Grown Past Anonymity? *Junkies in the Hurricane * Passing the Sobriety Test * Happy Thanksgiving! * PLUS: Other incisive articles
OLD HABITS// America's Senior Addiction Problem
The Fix Q&A with Dr. Damon Raskin and Mrs. Ruth Dent about the addiction epidemic amongst the elderly from a professional and a personal perspective respectively.
By John Lavitt
Can resilience be taught as a skill that can be applied as part of addiction treatment?
By Richard Juman
TOUGH LOVE// Florida’s Marchman Act: Why Involuntary Commitment Works
Mandating addicts to treatment often prevents later incarceration.
By Jessica Zimmer
SOCIETY// Addiction on the Rise in the Hispanic Community
Latinos have reduced access to treatment programs and lower participation and retention rates.
By Jeanene Swanson
SLIDESHOW// The Top Ten Addiction Movies You Have Never Seen
Forget Trainspotting and Leaving Las Vegas, here’s a list that goes from Sinatra to Pacino.
By Kristen McGuiness
Research Shows Cannabinoids Slow Tumor Growth in Aggressive Cancer
DEA Investigation Surprises Two NFL Teams
Bob Marley to Headline Mainstream Marijuana Brand
Brain Damage Caused By Meth Looks a Lot Like Schizophrenia
Ohio Lawmakers Could Face Random Drug Testing
Bill Cosby Won't Respond to Allegations of Drugging and Raping Women
Cultured Care
This week, Jeanene Swanson looked into how addiction is hitting Latinos harder than ever. One reader provided insight on how treatment could better work with Latino culture:
Comfortable and pleasant personal connection with the individual providing the services is of the utmost importance, even more so than the quality or the benefits of the service provided. A Latino will often accept poor performance over what may be available that is superior if he/she feels understood and respected. It's often of greater importance than the purpose of the business being transacted. Whites dealing with Latinos hardly ever get that.


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