Friday, January 11, 2013

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2013: Recovery Coach Training
CCAR Recovery Coach Academy at COA.wmv
CCAR Recovery Coach Academy at COA.wmv
Last night, Kevin & Redneck described the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy at COA to COA's Board members and Directors. This video shows high points, and also gives some valuable insights into working with recoverees.  Some of this will surprise you, some will seem like common sense. But it's all designed to work. There is still space available and until Monday, Jan. 14, the early registration rate will be in effect. 

To learn more about the Recovery Coach training, view a class schedule, read testimonials from others who have taken this training and/or register, click here

For questions about the program, please contact

Hurry! Space is limited and once we're full, we will cannot accept additional registrants.
Do You Have These Items?
It's something many people don't think about, but it makes a big difference: toiletries and personal care items for recoverees entering inpatient treatment. Many treatment centers do not provide shampoo, razors, towels and wash cloths, deodorant, toothbrushes & toothpaste, feminine products and other necessary items that we take for granted. Yet recoverees and/or their families are often unable to purchase these products.
Enter COA and its volunteers. Several dedicated moms have begun assembling care bags for recoverees entering treatment. In addition to hygiene and personal care products, the bags include postcards with stamps so recoverees and write to their loved ones, and journals so they can begin recording their thoughts. 
Also...COA is growing! We now have a new office in the Dwier Center for recoveree and family meetings. And we could use some additional lockers or cabinets in which to store COA merchandise, files and other important items.

If you would like to contribute to the care bags or have lockers or cabinets that you would be able to donate, please contact Redneck at 
Linda's Article in Women of Faith Daily
On January 7, Women of Faith Daily published COA vice chairperson Linda Molnar's story about her son's passing and her work with City of Angels. WOFD is a national publication with hundreds of thousands of readers. 

To read Linda's inspiring article, click here.

 COA hosts support group meetings for both addiction sufferers and their families every day of the week at the Dwier Center (392 Church Street, Groveville, NJ). This includes 12-step meetings, a Sunday night Spirituality Meeting and the popular Sunday morning Breakfast Club family support group. To check out our online calendar, click here.
For directions to the Dwier Center, click here. 
The COA website now offers an Addiction News Feed with the latest studies, reports, new and other info on addiction. It's updated in real time with top 30 articles. To read the feed, click here. 
New videos are up on the COA YouTube channel. To watch, click here.

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City of Angels NJ, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides many services to addicts and their families including interventions, recovery support, Family Program, counseling services and more. All of our services are provided at no charge.

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