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Christian counseling and long-term care for those dealing with addiction and other harmful habitual behaviors. We also offer volunteer and intern opportunities.
Company Overview
His Mansion is a Christ-centered residential recovery program. We help men and women between 18 and 35 years of age that have difficult life situations.

We provide help for adults dealing with Alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, pornography, eating disorders, depression, abuse, and other harmful habitual habits.

The program is approximately one year long.

We believe that true and ultimate healing comes by God the Father, through the work of Jesus Christ's atonement, by the agency of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, emphasis is placed upon the importance of becoming a new person in Christ.

From the day a new "resident" arrives, he or she is a member of His Mansion’s Healing in the Context of Community process. Their day consists of early rising, quiet time, breakfast, work assignment, Scripture-based classes and counseling, lunch, work assignments, supper, and evening routines.

During this daily time stream, Long Term Staff and Mentors serve beside the "residents," coaching and encouraging them. One-on-one counseling with a trained counselor is available as appropriate and necessary.

This process of mentoring, encouragement, intake of God’s Word, meaningful employment, and healthy lifestyle are regularly bathed in prayer. When all is said and done, if God’s Spirit doesn’t energize the process, no amount of counseling, coaching or encouraging will get the job accomplished. At His Mansion, we believe in miracles — and witness them!

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