Saturday, January 5, 2013

Company Hopes to Sell Marijuana in Vending Machines in Colorado, Washington

A California-based company hopes to sell marijuana in vending machines in Colorado and Washington, which have legalized recreational use of the drug, NBC News reports.
Marijuana is already sold through vending machines in some states where medical marijuana is legal. The company, Medbox, says it wants to adapt the machines to comply with the new recreational marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington.
People using the machines to obtain medical marijuana use a fingerprint scan to verify their identity, which is linked to a prescription on file.
“One day we envision these machines to be accessed, when it’s allowed, 24 hours a day,” Vincent Mehdizadeh, who founded a subsidiary of Medbox that makes vending machines, told NBC News. “One day in the future that may happen, but for now these machines sit behind the counter as an inventory control and compliance tool.”
Growing, possessing and selling marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

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