Friday, January 25, 2013

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Dear Joseph,

Did you know that over 85 million people in the U.S. say they have been affected by addiction?

Whether it is family, friends, or loved ones, the impact of addiction is far-reaching. But, imagine if everyone came forward to share a story of recovery or a message of support. It would mean 85 million reasons to have hope.

That's why we've launched The Hope Share. At The Partnership we believe that together we can dispel the stigma of feeling alone and helpless because of addiction, and that we can give hope by sharing the stories of others.

Share your story of hope now:
Share your story now.

The Hope Share is a campaign that lets those affected by drug and alcohol addiction know they are not alone, that there is hope and the possibility of recovery. Feeling that recovery is possible is one of the first steps for taking action and finding the way back.

One story sent to us from Cathie, a loving mother, has stayed in our minds:
For 10 years I was asking, "Why us?" We had tried so hard to be the best parents. ... I didn't know if I would get a call that he was in jail, in the hospital or dead. Finally he reached his bottom and it is amazing that he survived. His abuse could have so easily killed him. I have learned so much about addiction. ... In one week I am going to visit him to celebrate three years of sobriety! He tells me that it is statistically a major milestone. I am so lucky today!
Share your message of hope -- or one the many other stories we've received -- and help change the ending of someone else's story:

Together we can dispel the stigma. We can give hope to the hopeless.

Thank you,

Steve Pasierb
President and CEO
The Partnership at

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