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Starbucks installs needle-disposal boxes

January 15, 2019 • Vol. 6., No. 26
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Defense, Defense, Defense VIDEO
Judge dismisses lawsuits - Big Pharma NOT GUILTY
Jan. 9, 2019 - A Connecticut judge has dismissed lawsuits against Purdue Pharma and other drug makers brought by 37 cities and towns in the state that blame the companies for the opioid crisis and sought to recoup millions of dollars spent responding to the crisis.
Josh Brolin's 5 Years of Sobriety 
January 9, 2019 - In a free-verse remembrance on Instagram on Tuesday accompanied by a photo of him looking absolutely tanked, the “Sicario” star wrote about the dark side of the “rip roaring time” he thought he had the night before.
The Disturbing Link Between Opioids and Suicide
Jan. 10, 2019 - When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last fall that U.S. life expectancy had suffered the longest running decline since World War I, experts pointed to rising suicide and overdose rates as two of the forces behind that drop deaths. What didn’t make headlines: Some fatal overdoses are also suicides. 
Drew Barrymore: I’d be ‘dead really soon’ if I tried heroin
January 10, 2019 - “I have an extremely addictive personality,” Drew told Glamour UK. “I’ve never done heroin, and I don’t want to get plastic surgery because I feel like they’re both very slippery slopes.”
This is Your Brain on Drugs AUDIO
What makes addiction a disease?AUDIO
Jan. 11, 2019 - Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood has been hit hard by the national opioid crisis ... “I’m a freakin’ addict, I got a disease man,” said Salvatore Gonzalez, Jr., who’d been living in a Philadelphia homeless encampment. Calling addiction a brain disease, and not a bad life choice, is still a fairly new concept. 
A Doctor’s Guide to What to Read on the Opioid Crisis
Dec. 17, 2018 - BAD PHARMA: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients, by Dr. Ben Goldacre. Read it and you may never put another pill in your

Thin White Line VIDEO
Model reveals she used to subsist on cigarettes, black coffee, cocaine to maintain thin figureVIDEO
January 10, 2019 - The social media model from the beach town of Byron Bay in Australia made the surprise admission in a fan question-and-answer session on her social media yesterday when one of her 193,000 Instagram followers asked how she maintained her 120-pound frame, explaining it was down to her lifestyle of “tapas and cocaine.”

Inside America’s other opioid epidemic VIDEO
December 18, 2018 - Spoon, whose product could be trusted, wasn’t answering his phone. So just after 9 a.m. on a fetid August morning, Sam Rogers had trekked to a corner two miles east of the U.S. Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue, hoping to find heroin that wouldn’t kill him.
Social Media Addiction Needs To Be Taken More Seriously
Jan. 11, 2019 - Spending too much time on social media is almost a given in this day and age. But hours of scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and the like could result in a health issue...
Labor Department Wants to Drug-Test Applicants for Unemployment Benefits
January 10, 2019 - What if you lost your job? What if you needed unemployment benefits to sustain you between jobs? But what if you had to take and pass a drug test in order to collect those benefits, even if you lost your job for reasons unrelated to drug use?
Constant Cravings: is addiction on the rise?
January 10, 2019 - From sex to sugar to social media, people are in the grip of a wider range of compulsive behaviors. But what is driving them – and what can be done? Addiction was once viewed as an unsavory fringe disease ... But now the scope of what humans can be addicted to seems to have snowballed, from sugar to shopping to social media.

Samuel L. Jackson Talks About His Drug Addiction
Jan. 9, 2019 - Through the ‘80s and ‘90s, Jackson was addicted to crack cocaine, though he somehow managed to keep working and stay useful. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the 70-year-old actor recalls smoking crack while working as an understudy on Broadway in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson. He was observing Charles Dutton, who played the lead and enraged Jackson with his performances.
Ex-Pharma CEO guilty of kickbacks to Fentanyl loving Doctors January 10, 2019 - A former pharmaceutical chief executive pleaded guilty to playing a part in a sophisticated scheme to give kickbacks to doctors who prescribed his company’s fentanyl-based opioid
Drugs have become such a problem in Starbucks bathrooms they are installing needle-disposal boxes
Jan. 9, 2019, - Starbucks is installing needle-disposal boxes in some bathrooms, as well as exploring other solutions to workers’ concerns regarding improperly discarded syringes and the related health risks.
Is Marijuana Safe as We Think?
January 14, 2019 - A few years ago, the National Academy of Medicine convened a panel of sixteen leading medical experts to analyze the scientific literature on cannabis. It simply stated, over and over again, that a drug North Americans have become enthusiastic about remains a mystery.
You mean like Suboxone? VIDEO
Is the Kratom Nature’s Answer to Opioids? VIDEO
January 10, 2019 - The hype: Kratom, an ancient medicinal leaf from Southeast Asia, is the most recent cure-all to rise from the wellness fringes, particularly among those who frequent head shops for the latest medical breakthroughs. 
EDITORIAL: How suburban police departments are wising up about drug abuse
01/06/2019 - Many drug abusers never seek help because they simply don’t know where to turn. Or they fear they will be drug-tested and arrested. Or they don’t know how they would pay for rehab.

Nowhere Near Beer VIDEO
Amid rising sobriety trend, Heineken brings alcohol-free version to U.S. VIDEO
January 9, 2019 - “We see large numbers of younger consumers not drinking alcohol at all and a continuing trend towards wellness and moderation and balance in your lifestyle,” says Jonnie Cahill, CMO at Heineken USA. The sobriety trend is not a good thing for beer marketers, as sales are already slumping.
A Space for Advanced Thinkers and Influencers - Podcast 
Jan. 7, 2019 - World renowned pioneer in trauma and addiction therapy Judy Crane talks about her personal and professional journey and the “Eureka Moment” the industry is currently experiencing in the recognition of trauma therapy as a critical part of primary addiction treatment as well as sustainable long term recovery...
Do drug treatment facilities really lower property values? 
Jan. 11, 2019 - As the opioid crisis rages on, those affected struggle to find treatment. One potential reason? People don’t want rehab centers in their backyards.
New study finds social media 
junkies make riskier decisions
January 10, 2019 - A new study on social media use coming out today found that people who spent excessive time on Facebook also made riskier decisions — performing as poorly in a famous psychological test as people dependent on substances such as cocaine or heroin.
“Most alcoholics and drug addicts usually end up in prison, crippled or dead.”—Hunter S. Thompson
Keep Coming Back VIDEO
Celebrity Rehab alumni Tom Sizemore ‘arrested after police find meth/heroin in car VIDEO
Jan. 12, 2019 - Troubled Sizemore, 57, was said to have been pulled over by cops in California over a missing front license plate and expired registration tags. Police in Burbank then allegedly found the drugs, thought to be meth and heroin, in the vehicle. Sizemore has faced a very public battle with drug addiction and run-ins with the police.
Recovery School offers students a path to sobriety
January 12, 2019 - Eden Karlen didn’t think she had a substance abuse problem. She watched her dad smoke marijuana and methamphetamine and tried both out of curiosity. Substance abuse programs didn’t end her use. She recently emerged from her fourth round of substance abuse treatment far behind where she needed to be to graduate high school on time. 

Criminalizing 1st-time DUIs is a tough sell
Jan. 13, 2019 - On paper it might look like a can’t-miss bipartisan initiative, but it’s not that easy in a state where beer is so much a part of the culture that the major league baseball team is called the Brewers.

7 Hot Musicians Share Their Stories Of Sobriety
JANUARY 11, 2019 - These stories are unique to each individual—everyone’s sober journey is their own. It’s not an objective, black-and-white concept; it can mean different things to different people. You’ll find that it varies among the sober folks below.

A Haircut Can Change Everything VIDEO
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