Saturday, January 12, 2019

A turning point for wellness

A turning point for wellness

When Kyle Johnson first started coaching in Denver, he thought, "This is where I'm supposed to be." He and his coach, Chad Schlosser, connected immediately.
"I've looked for that everywhere, but it hasn't been something I've found until here," he said.


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Coaching data

Addiction is at the root of our most destructive and costliest social, health and public safety problems. That's why  we partnered with an external firm to understand the social return on investment of our coaching.

Face It TOGETHER earns selective LegitScript certification


The LegitScript certification process is an effort to protect consumers and bring more accountability and transparency to the addiction care industry. This certification validates our commitment to bringing the highest ethical standards, transparency and protections to the work we do. It's the only certification for addiction care providers accepted by Google and Facebook.

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Face It TOGETHER @ Work

Workplace partner Q&A: Daniels Fund

The Daniels Fund was instrumental in our move to Denver. Already committed to supporting highly effective nonprofits through its grant program, the organization became a Face It TOGETHER @ Work partner this fall.

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Ask a coach

Cindy Leingang
 Peer coach

Q: My teenager is struggling with addiction. Who
should I tell?

A: As loved ones, we often experience an incredible amount of blame, judgment and isolation. I still believe talking openly and honestly about our son's disease was the best decision we could've made.


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