Friday, November 9, 2018

November 2018 Newsletter 
The Moore's
God's Sovereignty 
"I'd say that was the hardest moment of our lives," Dave and Carole reflect on dropping off their son, Matt, to be a Resident. "But we believed this was something that God wanted us to do, and we needed to trust Him, walk away, and let happen what was going to happen." 

Gifts from God's People
Each Christmas season, we have the pleasure of working to create loving and joyful memories where our men and women have previously experienced pain and loneliness. One way we do this is by providing personalized gifts on Christmas Day. 

Will you join us in this restorative holiday tradition? Please send in your additional gifts by Dec 15th, or give online at
   Designate gifts to "Christmas" or "Gifts from God's People."
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