Friday, November 9, 2018

E  ach year thousands of people seek help to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Many of these people go in and out of treatment facilities several times before gaining the tools to stay sober and move past their addiction. What are the things to address that will help recovery from addiction result in success?
Number One
Length of treatment.

The most common treatment available is probably 28 day, 12 step programs. However if you talk to individuals who have come off of drugs or alcohol, most agree that 28 days is not nearly enough time, even from a physical perspective. Long-term heroin users are usually just starting to sleep normally again after two to three weeks, meaning they would spend three-quarters of a 28 day treatment program not feeling well physically. This is one of the reasons longer-term treatment is a huge bonus to a recovering addict.
Number Two
Treatment which does not provide one-on-one counseling to deal with the underlying issues of addiction.

Many times treatment consists of group therapy and while this may have its place, it does not always provide the opportunity to really handle core underlying issues. Many addicts suffer from trauma or emotional troubles and confiding in another may be difficult, making these group settings less effective.

Number Three
Going into treatment in your home town.

Addicts in recovery will have bad days and struggle with emotional turbulence. It is important for this reason for them to be in a secure environment that is at least outside of their local area. I have met many who had gone to outpatient or inpatient treatment in their hometown only to end up leaving early or relapsing due to a temporary upset. This is why getting someone out of their area can really aid the chances of them successfully recovering.
Number Four
Holding on to the past and making your loved one wrong after treatment.

Recovering addicts who come out of treatment are still getting on their feet and while they do have to make up the damage they have caused to their family, holding their drug addiction over their head and ostracizing them will only make the recovery harder.
Number Five
A poor after-treatment plan.

One of the biggest things in recovery is making sure when someone gets out of treatment, they have a solid exit plan. Where are they going, what will they do on a daily basis and most importantly are they going to live in a sober environment?
Above are the biggest pitfalls I have seen with those entering treatment. Avoid these and you will be giving yourself or your loved one the best chance of recovering.
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Finding The Music

The journey back from drug addiction is different for each of us.  No matter where we come from or how our addiction affected us we can all learn from each other.

Stepping Stones to Recovery

 Life before Narconon was pretty much a big game to me, just not a survival one.  Life got to the point that I started to get amused by pain and I didn’t even care about anything anymore

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How does someone wind up addicted to drugs? The truth is each person’s descent into drug addiction is different. This amazing story shows us a different perspective on how a person becomes addicted to drugs.

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