Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Do you love a beautiful girl?
This TAM tee shirt below is made in her honor....we know moms of beautiful girls can relate to David Sheff’s new can purchase yours below and wear it proudly our daughters matter and are sooo beautiful..
So in tribute The Addict’s Mom presents our “Beautiful Child” shirts; which pay respect to David Sheff’s new movie “Beautiful Boy”, adapted from his 2008 book of the same title.
Whether you have a Beautiful Boy or a Beautiful Girl, you can show the world that you believe them to be the heartbeat of your life.
If you want to attend please send an email to with a screenshot of your purchase attached, to be added to the list of those who will be invited to this interview.
*We have no details to share yet, except that Mr. Sheff has agreed to participate. TAM holds no responsibility if his schedule changes, and we have to reschedule to a later date.
**Make sure you're on the correct link before purchasing.

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