Tuesday, June 5, 2018

“Learning to love yourself is easier when you have someone to show you how.”  ~~Martina Boone

“Love is multi-faceted.  It can be shared in many ways.  We can receive love from friends, family, partners, colleagues, spouses, and even pets.  We can experience it through nature, companionship, romance, or a sense of loving connection to the world.”   ~~WFS Program booklet

“All recovery roads lead to the ability to love and be loved.”  ~~Nancy Cross
Statement #10
 “All love given returns.”
I am learning to know that I am loved.
In a few short days, over a hundred twenty women will be converging in a quaint little town in Pennsylvania.  Suitcases and auction items are being readied and the WFS office is in full swing. Thanks to dedicated volunteers and our steadfast office crew, Conference 2018 will be underway in just days!

Our founder Jean Kirkpatrick Ph.D, in her own search for a New Life, has given each of us a new way to experience sobriety; to enjoy the present, leave the past behind while planning for tomorrow.  What a gift of love the WFS Program is and a wonderful example of Statement #10 in action.   It is a joy to see Jean’s legacy in the hearts of 4C women everywhere.

Love in action takes many forms. From the online community, face to face meetings, WFS Conference or simply living a sober life, love continues to flourish.  Love is an expressway for courage, a path for learning and an opening for connection.   Soon, the sound of laughter will fill the dorms, with late night chatter and early morning walkers or joggers.  Workshops will inspire, encourage and bring insight or comfort. Bids on the many auction items will continue to rise, showcasing the talents of creative 4C women.  Love will be displayed with new friendships being formed as Conference buddies get to know each other and familiar friends catch up.  Ready, set, GO! 

Hugzzz and love,
Hi 4C Women,

I am so excited to be attending the WFS conference.  This is my 25th conference and I continue to be inspired with all that is offered. I am especially excited to meet new attendees and reconnect with friends I've made over the years.  

I love this updated Statement. Every time I read, "I am learning to know that I am loved," I feel as though I am being given a huge, warm hug. It took a long time to learn to love myself and to believe that I am loved by others. If I didn't love myself, how could I accept that others loved me. I encourage those who need to accept love from others, to consider the following questions about loving yourself first. These were actually sent to me in 2007 by Nancy Cross, whose quote in included at the beginning of Karen's message. Nancy was a phenomenal woman who was very involved in WFS for many years.  

Do you love yourself?
Are you in harmony with you?
Do you treat yourself with respect?
Are you generous, kind and supportive of you?
Do you trust yourself and treat yourself as though you can be trusted?
Do you accept your weaknesses and celebrate your successes?

Until you love who you are...not just say it, but do it and believe it...you will never find the love you are or the love you believe someone else has to give you.
The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Love, nurture, practice self-care and all that love given to yourself will be returned and experienced in various ways--from romantic relationships, friendships, family, pets...What/whom can you add to this list?

Bonded in learning to know you are loved.
4C WFS Member
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