Monday, June 18, 2018

June 16, 2018

Become a NAADAC Member and Be Eligible for Exclusive Professional Liability Insurance!

NAADAC's endorsed professional liability insurance is available exclusively to NAADAC members. Through the American Professional Agency, Inc. (APA, Inc.), an underwriter of professional liability for the behavioral health and allied health field for 40 years, you'll receive professional liability coverage that is tailored to the unique exposures faced by addiction counselors.

Become a NAADAC member to gain access to specialized professional liability insurance! Coverage is available for addiction professionals, nationally certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists (PRSS)associates working under supervisionclinical supervisorscorporate entities, and studentsPlease note, NAADAC does not provide insurance directly.

Why Become A Member?

NAADAC members are eligible for over 145 free CEs, reduced rates on insurance, conferences, publications, bookstore discounts, and much more! See a full list of NAADAC membership benefits.
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