Thursday, November 2, 2017

Later this month a new group of hurting and broken young men and women will arrive here at His Mansion.
November 2017 Newsletter 
A father's story...  

     No one said parenting or pastoring would be easy, but then no one said parenting would be as difficult and gut wrenching as it is.  Yet, as a minister of the Gospel, I discovered that the difficulties of these could combine in circumstances that would test my faith to the extreme.
     The problem manifested itself shortly after our son, the model child, went off to college.  Later the signs of his addiction became evident, yet my wife and I overlooked these, being in denial.
Gifts from God's People
Each Christmas season, we have the pleasure of working to create loving and joyful memories where our men and women have previously experienced pain and loneliness.  One way we do this is by providing personalized gifts on Christmas Day.

Will you join us in this restorative holiday tradition?

One of the easiest ways to help make the holidays special is to send an extra gift that will be used to bless those who currently call His Mansion home.  
Should the Lord provide in excess of our needs, supplemental donations will go toward His Mansion's regular operations.
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