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Community Engagement

Early in recovery, often while in treatment, many of us hear the term “productive member of society” for the first time.  Before this time, we may have thought we were living life to the fullest. Sometimes, we thought that we were so-called “functional” addicts and alcoholics. More often than not, that is the furthest thing from the truth. We could have been lacking in our family dynamic, not giving the best we could at work, or not a part of our community as a whole.

When we join a fellowship, we get a sponsor who tells us to get involved in a home-group. This is the beginning of the new community for us. We meet other people in recovery. We start spending some of our free time with the people we now go to meetings with on a regular basis. Those of us that went to treatment participate in events that the facility has going on. Here is this whole new community that some of us never knew existed.

As we stay plugged in, we get asked to speak at meetings and at H&I presentations. The focus becomes less on ourselves and more on helping others. Participation has come full circle. We now try to give back as often as we can. This is where the community involvement of a person in recovery gets broader. There are many benefits that come from community engagement. We participate in non-drug and alcohol related activities. Our feelings of isolation lessen or disappear. We find a support group, additional to our fellowship, to ensure drug and alcohol use has not resumed.

There is much more to recovery than just going to meetings and doing step-work. We try to be a “part of” on every level that our interactions allow us. We put the work in because now we actually want to participate in our own recoveryand want to be a part of our community. The positivity that flows through us shines on others, and we allow our spirit to guide others to be a part of their community.

Many of us seek through our religious faith for community, or help out at the building where our home-groups are held. Others do not know where to go to help out on a community level. Some suggestions where people in recovery can be a part of their community are as follows:
  • Neighborhood or township community or “town hall” meetings
  • Recovery community centers
  • Donate to help someone afford treatment 
  • Community clean-ups
  • Joining the Livengrin Walking Team at the Recovery Walk
  • Volunteering at Livengrin, animal rescues or other places
  • Joining the public information committee of your fellowship of choice
  • Helping those less fortunate (Angels in MotionNever Give UpSt. Francis Inn)
One way to give back is by participating in panels and information sessions. These forms of public information can be very rewarding, helping the families of addicts and alcoholics. The new Livengrin Council will be having their very first panel presentation on “Living in Recovery” at the Queen of the Universe Church in Levittown on July 19th from 7 to 8:30 PM. This is a great way to help out the community in general and you may be able to be a part of the message of recovery and community that these families need to hear. More information about the panel is listed below.

For many of us, being as involved as possible is a must. The benefits far outweigh any negatives when giving some time and effort into a cause. Community involvement isn’t just for people in recovery. Across the globe, spanning many cultures, looking at the “big picture” of communities gathering together in solidarity are the roots of civilization. The Big Book talks about “The Window of Opportunity”. We hope that you seize the opportunities ahead of you and become a productive member of your society.

“If you want to sit in a meeting and get up and say to one another, ‘I’m a happy recovering alcoholic,’ you go right ahead. I want you to do more than that. Go in there and do that, but then get out there on the battlefield if you are so led. And tell America you got well. If you can’t, then at least pray for us. If you think we’re wrong, then cuss us. But, don’t just sit idly aside.”
~ Senator Harold Hughes



Livengrin Alumni Meeting

Sunday, July 16th
Livengrin Bensalem Campus
4833 Hulmeville Road
Bensalem, PA  19020

Please arrive early to get a seat!

Livengrin Panel Presentation

"Living In Recovery"
Wednesday, July 19th
7:00PM to 8:30PM
Queen of the Universe Church
2243 Trenton Road
evittown, PA  19056

Please RSVP by clicking here!
Or visit:

Ride For Recovery

Back To Livengrin Day

Saturday, June 16th - 4 to 8 PM
Rider Registration starts at 3 PM

Livengrin Foundation Bensalem Campus

To register or to purchase tickets, please click HERE!

For sponsorship options, contact Scott Blacker at (215) 638-5200 x 1011.
Leigh Leckerman Scholarship Fund

Dinner and an Evening of Entertainment

Thank you, Steve and Denise! 
~ Livengrin Foundation
Top left: Steve Leckerman, LF CEO - Rick Pine, Denise Leckerman.
Top right: LF VP - Sue Bright, Denise Leckerman, LF Family Counselor - Alicia Schreiner-Orr.
Bottom left: Mark Hudson (of the Hudson Brothers) and Ricky Byrd (of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts).
Bottom right: Event attendees.

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