Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Freedom lies in being bold" -Robert Frost

"Independence is happiness." -Susan B. Anthony

Even in the midst of devastation, something within us always points the way to freedom.  -Sharon Salzberg 
With the many 4th of July celebrations taking place across the United States this week, I am reminded of another type of independence; freedom from the effects of active addiction.  Before my New Life, I doubted that I could achieve this freedom.  Fear, alcohol and panic ruled my life.  This was a very painful way to live, to exist.  Today, it is such a joy to wake up free of a hangover, to know exactly what I did the night before and live with a more balanced state of mind.  

The WFS Program provides guideposts to achieve this freedom and Statement #1 is the starting point.  Face to face meetings, the online forum, and Jean’s books provide insight that translates to action.  Each woman has the opportunity to create a new life that reflects her goals, dreams and aspirations.  

Freedom from alcohol or drug fueled emotional turmoil is empowering, and the way Jean wrote this Statement brings about feelings of attainability.  The wording is inclusive and lays a foundation of trust for the woman who feels doubtful or discouraged.  Even the name of the WFS Program follows suit; WFS Program New Life Acceptance Statements.

In addition to celebrating the United States Independence this week, I will also remind myself of my own independence and focus on the many, beautiful rewards.

What freedoms do you enjoy in your New Life?   Hugzzz, Karen 
I always think of the word “available” because the freedom of sobriety is that I am physically and emotionally available, clear of mind, no matter what time of day or situation.  Sobriety has released the need for excuses, the fear of being caught in a lie and hating myself for not being able to help a loved one - including myself.

It is amazing how accepting responsibility, taking charge of my life, gave me a whole new dictionary to choose positive definitions of me!  I started using words like lovable, courageous, smart, powerful, content.  My joy was authentic.  I was recognizing how resilient I truly was because I now had the tools to combat those negative definitions that I once used to describe myself.  I wasn’t that unlovable, stupid woman that I once saw in the mirror.  I saw someone entirely different and realized that she was there all along.  I had been smothered in negative thinking that alcohol seemed to confirm.  It clouded my thinking.  What beautiful clarity sobriety brought.

It is what I see at the face-to- face meetings as women courageously make the decision to stop drinking or using.  They become that caterpillar that blossoms into a beautiful butterfly.  They are free; they fly in all their beauty and strength.  That is the positive change, the empowering experience of accepting responsibility, being in charge of one’s life and opening those wings of freedom that sobriety can bring.  

Are you ready to experience that freedom today, to be available, to be that person who is trusted, to continue working toward positive change?  Most of all, if you are practicing Statement 1 and are taking charge of your life, are you willing to be the role model that is passing this life-changing program on to others?  Giving back what you have been given is the greatest gift and reward of all!  --WFS Member
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