Friday, July 14, 2017

Dear Members of The Addict's Mom,
We would like to invite your organization to join us in our fun new effort at raising awareness about addiction and helping those who are homeless due to addiction, Team TAM Bowling. Treatment centers are welcomed and encouraged to join us.
We plan to host a bowling event in every state. In a very brief time we already have dozens of teams formed. You can help us by sponsoring a team for $300, and even form a team of your own. In return for your sponsorship you will receive our TAM Hero Status, which will be shared with our 85,000 plus membership, as well as on our fan page, which has 57,000 followers, on a regular basis. Posting will be done on our Linked In and Twitter accounts as well. All donations will be received by our non-profit The Addict's Mom Org.
Please see the attached photo which will share with your logo in the center. In addition to posting in our groups, our website has a page dedicated to the event and we will put your TAM Hero meme on our website for one year. Our members recognize the TAM Hero status as bringing attention to an organization who has helped our members and their children. They respond very well to these pictures and are always grateful to our sponsors.
Please join us and get to know us at our bowling page which is located at
The Addict's Mom recognizes the vital importance of a partnership between our members, and members of the addiction community. Tragically, our nation is currently experiencing an epidemic in the number of persons suffering with Substance Use Disorders, (SUD). Never in the history of this great nation has the need for advocacy, education, and treatment been great; never has your role been more paramount.
As dedicated professionals who work in the field of addiction, your expertly trained staff realize the devastation and suffering that the disease of addiction incurs on not only the individual, but on the family.
The mission of The Addict's Mom is to offer comfort, support, and a venue for the mothers to "Share Without Shame" their daily struggles with the precious children. Our members offer hope and encouragement to each other. In addition, through the efforts of our members, in partnership with compassionate organizations such as yours, TAM is becoming an agent for change in how society regards individuals with SUD, and in how we help these individuals achieve recovery for a positive life outcome.
Members of The Addict’s Mom have a voice and they wish to be heard. Please consider helping us with this noble cause.
If you would like to receive our TAM Hero Status, please respond to with your logo and where you are located, and we will contact you with mailing instructions.  
TAM Executive Director

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