Sunday, July 23, 2017

9 Facts About Addiction People Usually Get Wrong
There’s a lot that people get wrong about substance use disorders, treatment and recovery. Don’t let social judgment or misinformation stand in the way of getting your child the help he or she needs and deserves. We’ve put together 9 facts about addiction so you can be better prepared to help your child.
An adolescent may start out doing drugs occasionally or may be prescribed medicine by a doctor. Over time, continued use rewires the brain to compulsively seek substances, despite negative consequences. With opioids, a person may initially like the euphoria, but soon, the drug is needed just to feel normal and not get sick from withdrawal.

Changing substance use behavior is a process. In the beginning your child may not think there is a problem. Next, she may realize it is a problem, but feel conflicted about addressing it. Then she needs to figure out how to deal with it and take steps in a healthier direction, including getting professional help, changing friends, learning drug refusal skills and more.

Because behavior change is a process, instead of letting your son or daughter hit their lowest point, it's important to help right away. And it is much easier to help when they are still engaged in school or work, have social supports and interested in sports or hobbies. In other words, they have structure, purpose and social connections—scaffolding needed for a good outcome.
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