Sunday, June 21, 2015

PLEASE JOIN US AND PLEASE SHARE THE LINK so another addict's mom will find us, she will find much comfort, love and support...!/cnnparents  
CNN has a chat with Barbara Theodosiou planned for this Monday, June 22 from 1p to 2p ET. The following is a message from Kelly Wallace at CNN who wrote the piece about Daniel that we have pinned. 2,000 people have "Shared" the story and 4000 have "liked" it just from the CNN page. Apparently those are high numbers for the CNN page. People are paying attention. We have the incredible, a.mazing, and tireless Barbara Theodosiou to thank for this. She is your "Voice" and people are listening!
The chat will take place on the CNN Parents Facebook page. Here is the link:!/cnnparents If you could go ahead and ‘like’ the page from The Addict’s Mom, that would help ensure that your responses during the chat appear higher up on the page.

If you help spread the word and encourage your members to participate, that would be great. Please feel free to start promoting the chat even now. In advance of the chat, any members could send us comments and questions on the CNN Parents page ... and if they have private questions, they could send a private message to CNN Parents and we’d try to get their questions answered.
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