Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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Game Changer or Topsy-Turvy   VIDEO
WV Supreme Court allows drug addicts to sue doctors, pharmacists for addiction                         VIDEO    
A West Virginia Supreme Court ruling says juries can now decide if drug addicts can sue physicians and pharmacies for their addictions. In a 3-2 decision issued Wednesday, the justices paved the way for people to claim damages for allegedly causing or contributing to their addictions of controlled substances-- even if they broke the law by doctor shopping.
 Recovery Program Management

A Most Deadly Disease
Report sparks debate on merits and dangers of video gambling     
Melynda Litchfield said her gambling addiction, which started at casinos in Joliet, once led her to consider taking her own life - but her love for her children and family kept her from acting. Litchfield, now an activist for the anti-gambling organization Stop Predatory Gambling, said she sees little difference between a drug addiction and gambling. "It's not a sexy addiction, and it's not one that people understand. Just because you're not ingesting something into your veins, doesn't mean you don't have a problem."

Abroad: Aldous Huxley Lives
Naltrexone treatment jail first for WA drug addict inmates    
DRUG addicts in WA prisons are to be surgically implanted with blocker pellets to cure their cravings in an Australian-first. Corrective Services Minister Joe Francis said the experimental naltrexone treatment pioneered by Perth doctor George O'Neil would be introduced to the state's prisons. Mr. Francis told The Sunday Times he wanted to "break the cycle" of offenders "coming to jail as drug addicts and leaving as drug addicts".
 Benchmark Transitions

Cemetery or Sobriety
Pete Townshend: Being a rock star fuels addiction    
"So for the next 15 years, I just drank a lot. And anybody that did a lot of drugs, I used to feel a bit superior to them. Filthy drug addicts. At one time I was doing about three bottles of brandy a day - I didn't drink any water, I didn't drink any tea, I didn't drink Coca-Cola. I don't think I ate. I just lived on cognac."
Legalize It
Feds Charge 4 in 'Killer' Heroin Linked to 60 Deaths    
Four people accused in federal court of distributing adeadly mix of heroin and the painkiller fentanyl that that has been linked to as many as 60 fatal drug overdoses in metro Detroit since Jan. 1. Federal prosecutors tied the four men to three of those deaths as part of a nationwide crackdown that targets drug traffickers with enhanced penalties - life in prison - when someone dies from taking the drugs.
Craziness                VIDEO
What is flakka (aka gravel) and why is it more dangerous than cocaine? VIDEO    
A small overdose of the drug, which can be snorted or injected, can lead to a range of extreme symptoms: "excited delirium," as experts call it, marked by violent behavior; spikes in body temperature (105 degrees and higher, Hall said); paranoia. Probably what has brought flakka the most attention is that it gives users what feels like the strength and fury of the Incredible Hulk.
Why Only Boston?
Boston proposes 2% alcohol tax to fund recovery services    
Addiction and treatment recovery professionals told the Boston City Council on Wednesdaythat money raised from a possible tax on alcoholic beverages sold in the city would help them close the service gap at the back end of the recovery process. Their comments to the Council were part of a hearing on a home rule petition filed by the Councilors that calls for the creation of 2 percent tax on all alcohol sales in the city to fund addiction treatment and recovery programs.
Think You've Got Problems?
'Why take my vibrator?': cops rob 'every belonging' from medical marijuana patient  
Medical marijuana user Ginnifer Hency told a group of Michigan lawmakers last week that a drug task force raided her home and kept 'every belonging' she owned - including her vibrator - even after a judge dismissed the charges against her. "They have had my stuff for 10 months, my ladder, my iPad, my children's iPads, my children's phones, my medicine for my patients," Hency noted. "Why a ladder? Why my vibrator, I don't know either. Why TVs?"


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