Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
March 20–27
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Drug Treatment Moguls * Oxycontin * Peace, Love and Heroin in Upstate New York * Dance Therapy * 8 Drug Myths Busted * Eric Clapton *The Big Bang * Pro Voices * PLUS: Other incisive articles
REPARATIONS// The Long-Term Damage of the War on Drugs
You can't talk about ending the drug war without talking about restoring communities. But nobody is.
By Josiah M. Hesse
HOPELESS// The Myth of the Demon Drug
How findings from a big plywood box shaped our understanding of addiction.
By Dr. Bruce Alexander
BEEN THERE// From Homeless Drug Addict Inmate to Family Man
Stephen Sutler went from homelessness, drug addiction and prison to success as a spiritual, working and family man in recovery.
By Seth Ferranti
Q&A// "The Addict's Mom:" What Do You Do When Your Child Is an Addict?
The Fix Q&A with Barbara Theodosiou, founder of "The Addict's Mom," on how to take action when faced with every motherĂ¢€™s nightmare.
By John Lavitt
NO GOOD TREATMENT// The Hangover Club
All of these "morning-after instant Dr. Feelgood IV cures" remove what generations of evolution built in for our own good: consequences. 
By Jodi Sh. Doff
Study Finds Zero-Tolerance Drug Policies In School Cause More Harm Than Good
More Russians Turning to Cheap, Dangerous Alcohol Alternatives
Death by Pot Candy: Multiple Fatalities in Colorado Linked to Marijuana Edibles
Three Drinks a Day Could Cause Liver Cancer
“F--- It” Reporter’s Pot Club Searched by Alaskan Police
Jon Hamm Checks Out of Rehab for Alcoholism
Collateral Damage
This week, Josiah M. Hesse questioned why we aren'tdoing more to repair the damage done by the drug war.Readers agreed with Hesse's gripes:
They tried prohibition against alcohol. People broke the law. Everyday citizens became criminals. Binge drinking increased. Then they tried to prohibit an intoxicating weed much less damaging than booze. Everyday citizens became criminals. People still smoked. What did we learn from the prohibition era? Nothing. It seems until the last few years. Go figure.

-Bob B.

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