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Ask4Recovery – 6/16/13 – Why is admitting that I am powerless to my addiction so hard? by Ask4Recovery

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

Why is admitting that I am powerless to my addiction so hard?

Well, who likes to actually admit they are powerless over something? I know I do not. Feeling powerless has always been associated with weakness, with disappointment, with inadequacy. Yet, admitting I am powerless to my diseases has been a huge source of empowerment. Of strength. Of freedom! The definition of powerless is ‘without ability, influence, or power.’ Now that I am able to accept that about my addictions, I have the ability, the influence, and the power.

My ‘stinking thinking’ may always be there, but my rational self is always there as well. This rational self has the power now. I no longer need to fall victim to that detrimental mentality. That destruction. That isolating place where my world got smaller and smaller until it was just me when I was living in my addictions. That is powerlessness. I am powerful when I surrender to my addictions. I am able to live a life of my own design now and not be controlled by the demon inside of me. For so long, that was my reality. I am a creature of habit, so that demon was my habit. My addiction. That is no longer the case though as I have awoken in my life and claimed the power that is innately inside of me! My addictions blocked off that power for far too long and I have regained what has been mine from day one…power. One day at a time.

Now, I can admit I am powerless to my disease and thus, have empowerment in my life. Lauren’s life. That is a miracle.

What are your thoughts on admitting powerlessness?

Sending love,

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