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Ask4Recovery – 6/10/13 – I am living in a cycle of shame and guilt with my addiction. How do I break it?by Ask4Recovery

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

I am living in a cycle of shame and guilt with my addiction. How do I break it?

I know that cycle quite well and it is no fun to be in. It is not conducive to living a life of freedom. Rather, we are suffering, which is not what we were put here to do. We each have an infinite source of love, hope, compassion, and patience inside of us. Addictions block off that infinite source. They also contribute to an intense cycle of guilt and shame because, at the core of it, we are not being true to ourselves in any capacity. This brings out anger, frustration, sadness, and destruction, all of which are qualities that propel and enable the addiction.

For many years, when I was living in that cycle, I did not know what to do. I did not know another way of living was possible because as much as the addictions brought about the shame, they also brought about a distorted sense of gratification and control. That gratification was really just disconnection from myself. What helped me most was ‘outing’ the addiction. Letting go of that cycle of self-defeating control and letting go of those maladaptive coping behaviors and understanding what was really going on with me. The destructive behaviors were all part of the manifestation of the intense discomfort, disconnection, and facade I had between my mind, body, and soul. By getting in touch with myself on a deeper level, I slowly began to peel away the layers of the onion and shred away that cycle of guilt and shame because for the first time, I was being true to myself.

This takes time. We are creatures of habit and we can train ourselves to start acting and thinking differently. For me, my addictions became so familiar in my life that I became unconscious in my life. By stepping into the unfamiliar and seeing my life without my addictions, I slowly became more conscious and awake in my life. And as this happened, the guilt and shame cycle started to break as well.

How did you break out of your addiction? The guilt and shame cycle? Let us know and join the movement!

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