Friday, June 21, 2013


I'm gonna conquer my mountain!! Lets begin today with this thought and a positive attitude. Twelve years ago in my own personal life my mountain was 3 times taller than mount Everest or at least that's what I thought. Now twelve years later I am almost to the top. Along the way it was hard. I fell a few times but I pushed and I climbed with everything that I had. Life for me is not perfect but after all that hard work it sure is worth living and I wouldn't give up one single bump or bruise. Along the way through the climb I discovered that I can, who I was, and what I can become if I was willing to do the work and never give up!Never focus on the mountain that can cause you to become overwhelmed put your thoughts to one momemt at a time.Like climbing a real mountain take slow steady determined steps an be consistent you will get there.I spent most of my past believing I will never get sober ,but to my surprise following the 12 steps and by GODS grace here I am ! REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU!

By Joseph Dickerson

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  1. “Attraction, not Promotion” – from tradition 11, the steadfast rule that AA does not promote itself – and tools AA uses to recruit membership, such as television and radio advertisements, forced attendance from the court, as a means of “aftercare” for patients who have been indoctrinated into the 12-step program from “two-hatters” who are employees of treatment facilities with whom AA has a symbiotic relationship, recruiting by members “carrying the message” directly into prisons, and participating in interventions – are not promotion, but are really attraction. Really.