Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas Lighthouse Network
Thanks to your financial support and prayer, Lighthouse Network was able to play a part in daily life-saving miracles like these:
  • Jennifer, new guardian for her 18 y.o niece who aged out of social service care, was overwhelmed with and couldn't handle her nieces acting out and destructive behavior, giving her 3 days to get out. In desperation, Jennifer searched the Internet and found the Lighthouse Network Addiction & Counseling Helpline number. We provided encouragement, hope, and answers which allowed her niece to stay a couple weeks then get into a longer term residential situation which her niece liked, Jennifer felt would meet her nieces many needs, and provided therapy and care for her nieces many traumatic past experiences in.
  • John calls our Lighthouse Network Helpline and we find and facilitate admission to a Christian residential rehab facility to finally halt his drinking and save his marriage and job. He is now a growing husband and father, reliable employee, started seminary classes, and wants to leave his white-collar job and go into ministry.
  • Alicia walked into school and quietly started cleaning out her locker. She didn't want her mom do it while overwhelmed after Alicia carried out her plan to commit suicide later that night. But while still in school, Alicia went to a school assembly and saw our unique documentary on behavioral health struggles many teens wrestle with daily, Shattered Silence. With new hope, Alicia went to a guidance counselor and is still living, encouraged, and getting treatment for her struggles.
  • Martha and Henry from California, parents of a 30 y.o. drug addict, heard our new nationally syndicated You’re Not Alone radio program and realized help was available. After calling our helpline, our Care Guide offered options for their son, while Martha and Henry are now using our new Parent Coaching Service to help them heal and equip them to make healthy decisions to interact with their son in a better way after his treatment is over and he returns home.
  • Exceptional and Uplifting! …. AWESOME and very timely. … ministered to my heart …. powerful yet simplified ... thought provoking … I needed this today … It made me cry, the joyful, not the sad kind … God’s truths, but you apply them to help us grow

Reflecting our tagline, Guidance through life’s storms, Lighthouse Network’s daily activity and mission is to help people whether they are experiencing acute storms, stuck in subacute choppy waters, or enjoying calm waters but are preparing for the inevitable next storm.
Highlights of 2012
  • 1. Our free national LN Addiction and Counseling Helpline served 6500 callers, a 25% increase from 2011.
  • 2. Our average month, we directly get 55 into residential rehab or inpatient care, and 40 into outpatient treatment.
  • 3. New professional website with free resources, videos, and helpful tips. Our web traffic is 3 times last year.
  • 4. Creation of a one-minute addiction focused radio program heard several times per day on 242 Christian radio stations around the country. Listen to a couple at
  • 5. Developed the first Christian Addiction Rehab in the U.S. that will take HMO Insurances.
  • 6. In Gulu, Uganda, our team of 7 equipped and ministered to 483 children and their 50 mentors, victimized by Joseph Kony.
  • 7. Developed several new topical DVD resources for counselors, treatment agencies, and ministries, to use in various ways.
  • 8. Have 3 new books, 2 of them LN staff member’s transformation stories (see online: )
  • 9. Guest expert on many radio and TV programs bringing Biblical wisdom into social policy hot topics and problem issues.
  • 10. Now have many resources for parents of addicts, including a coach to give telephonic weekly coaching to heal and equip.
  • 11. Development of Shattered Silence, a documentary facilitating discussion about difficult issues teens face. Shown on GodTV to millions of homes and already and receiving life-impacting reviews.
  • 12. Rewind Life, a streamlined online and computerized version of our decision-making curriculum geared to teens won a $10,000 grant to automate the resource which will allow more opportunities for it’s use.
  • 13. Developed Weekly e-Newsletter to equip and inform our growing follower.  15% Budget growth in a depressed economy and difficult healthcare climate. Revenues from services, grants, and donors!
Major Goals for 2013 (as well as maintaining our usual activities) -
  • Help 7250 callers get answers to their desperate situations and pain.
  • Monthly, help 70 people get to inpatient/residential treatment and 50 to outpatient services.
  • Grow the radio program to over 300 stations per day and cover more issues like eating disorders, trauma, and suicide.
  • Develop 2 more Christian residential addiction programs, one that will accept Medicare and one for adolescents.
  • Speak and exhibit at 2 national Christian conferences.
  • Continue to grow social media outreach to inform and increase Helpline awareness.
  • Develop a monthly Christian Addiction Newsletter to educate, equip, and revolutionize addiction treatment.
  • Growth in our volunteers and staff.
You have been faithful and generous in the past and many struggling people need your support. These psychological struggles are great windows when people are looking for hope, answers, and truth, and we have the expertise to deliver that through the support and treatment options we offer them. See the opportunities and projects below and information on how to donate.
Specific Opportunities and Areas for your support (numbers are dollars):
1.     Addiction & Counseling Treatment Helpline "877' toll free helpline number: 75/month = $900/yr
2.     Email service for our Stepping Stones Daily Devotional: 90/month = $1080/yr
3.     Editing our one minute radio program: 100/each day, would like to develop 100 new ones in 2013 = $10,000
4.     Helping one person on our helpline: 60/call = $1070/day
5.     Weekly e-News: $100/week
6.     Monthly addiction newsletter: $350/month
7.     Exhibitor expenses for national conference: $7,500
8.     Grow Care Guide Staff for increased calls and Community Outreach: $36,000/yr.
9.     Publishing a Stepping Stones Devotional Book: $15,000
10.  Shattered Silence DVD Duplication – 1,000 copies: $1,500
11.  Year End Fundraising Goal = $20,000
Ways to Donate:
To donate you have 3 options:
  1. Send a check
    Made out to: Lighthouse Network
    Send to: 800 W. State Street, Suite 302, Doylestown, PA 18901
  2. Please click here and follow the prompts if you are getting this via email.
  3. Go to our website and click the “DONATE” button on the top menu bar.
We also have beautiful Addiction and Mental Health Awareness Bracelets that make a great Christmas gift:

Thank you for your continued support and prayers, we wish you all the best during this great CHRISTmas season, and may you have a blessed 2013.  
by HIS grace,

Karl Benzio, MD, and the rest of our Lighthouse Network family.
Our mailing address is:
Lighthouse Network
800 West State St
Suite 302
Doylestown, PA 18901

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