Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Center - Little Creek Recovery

Mission Statement:

Little Creek Lodge is committed to building a strong foundation and integrating internalized recovery, through therapeutic and 12 step models; with a focus on the spiritual paradigm. Our message is delivered in a clean, safe, confidential environment that addresses the needs of each client on an individual and group level, by caring compassionate, experienced professional staff.


In this day and age the stigma connected with this disease still deters many from seeking treatment. Little Creek is built on a 12 Step philosophy in conjunction with reality-based therapies. The program is designed to engage a resident's ongoing barriers whether spiritual, mental or social. Our primary objective is to guide residents into managing daily recovery, and overcome denial of diagnosis and controlled use of substances. Learning how to ask for help can be difficult, but necessary to develop emotional coping skills strong enough to meet the daily challenges of life without drugs or alcohol. Through guidance, individual and group therapy, wilderness expeditions and daily 12-step meetings, our residents engage in a mental, physical and spiritual experience which is essential to long term recovery. Residents may enroll in local universities to enhance their experience. We seek to instill a renewed belief on self-worth and spiritual center that lies at the heart of all 12-step programs.


Our purpose is to help build a strong foundation in recovery with a focus on the spiritual paradigm shift that is the greatest mitigating factor in long-term sobriety. Through strong 12-step work, we believe that clients can turn the corner and start to see their addictions as a disease rather than a weakness. At Little Creek Lodge our target population is 18 to 25 years of age, adult males only. We have experience with the particular needs of this population as well as the specific dynamic of their lives that can make the acquisition of the foundation of recovery seemingly unattainable in common treatment milieus.

At Little Creek Lodge we see the dilemma in a more realistic way. We know that recovery is not about being powerless, it is about empowerment; the act of finding an external/internal source of positive deed and thought and integrating into the consciousness of the client. “Surrender” is likewise a word often misconstrued and misused in the recovery environment. At Little Creek Lodge we work toward rebuilding the lives of the client to move forward and become a productive member of society.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 942
Hamlin, PA 18427

Location: 359 Easton Turnpike
Hamlin, PA 18427
Call us Today: 877-689-2644

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