Thursday, December 13, 2012

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"Knowing that every hit could kill me didn't stop me. I guess I didn't really care."

A young woman named Kimmie wrote those words. At 19, she's already been to hell and back.

Kimmie started smoking pot when she was 15. A friend got her to try meth, and soon, she was addicted. Then she got some news: "I found out I was four months pregnant, but by then I couldn't stop using." Luckily, she got a new probation officer who helped her get into treatment. She's in recovery, she's never been happier -- and she wanted us to tell you her story to prove that anyone can turn his or her life around.

The Partnership is building a massive online community called The Hope Share to help those struggling with addiction see the possibility of recovery. Can you donate $10 now to help us give hope to people across the country?

The last part of Kimmie's story was so moving that I had to share it with you. Here's what she said:
Getting sober was the best thing for me and my son. If I didn't choose a better life, I could have had a miscarriage, my son could have come out unhealthy, or CPS could have taken him from me. My life is so much better now, and my son is one happy, healthy, handsome little guy.
I had the privilege of reading Kimmie's story because she shared it as part The Hope Share. It's a nationwide story-sharing project -- an online space for anyone touched by substance abuse to tell his or her story and let others know they're not alone. One person's story can change someone else's life.

As a non-profit organization, we can't operate if we don't have donor support. And if we can't operate, we can't run programs like The Hope Share.

Help us save lives and broadcast messages of hope. Make a $10 donation today:

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