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Seeing the Need

Firetree, Ltd. was formed in 1991 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation designed to provide quality transitional services to individuals associated with the criminal justice system. Statistically, chemical abuse is an indirect or direct cause of criminal behavior in approximately 90 % of the prison population; however, a minimal number of offenders were receiving substance abuse treatment. Firetree, Ltd. developed the belief and the mission, that drug and alcohol treatment is essential to effect change in the criminal offender. It wasn’t long before serving those who are chemically dependent but not yet involved in the criminal justice system was recognized as yet another area of need.

Criminal Justice

Capitol Pavilion (Harrisburg, PA), Firetree, Ltd.’s first facility, began receiving pre-release residents in February 1992 and continues to provide an extensive education program that focuses on obtaining employment, reintegrating into the community with a concentration on life skills, and avoiding addictive behavior. Capitol Pavilion has an outstanding reputation with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for providing Federal and state offenders with programs and assistance to successfully reintegrate back into society. Similar programs were opened to meet the ever increasing needs of the criminal justice system: Conewago Wernersville CCC (Wernersville, PA) and Syracuse Pavilion (Syracuse, NY).

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Seeing the need for a program specifically designed to address chemical abuse, Firetree, Ltd.’s clinical team began researching and developing a drug and alcohol treatment program. A license to provide inpatient drug and alcohol treatment was obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Firetree, Ltd. began the acquisition process for a facility in the Hershey, Pennsylvania area. This treatment program, which is now known as Conewago Place (Hummelstown, PA), expanded Firetree, Ltd.’s mission by providing comprehensive services to referrals from Single County Authorities, Managed Care Organizations, those who chose to pay themselves as well as the offender population. Soon, as demand grew, an additional drug and alcohol treatment facility, Conewago Wernersville, was established. A non-hospital Detoxification unit was added at Wernersville to meet the needs of those whose physical dependency required detoxification prior to inpatient treatment. Lycoming House, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the next facility opened by Firetree, Ltd. This non-hospital drug and alcohol treatment facility provides services to halfway back clients referred by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Lycoming House is a replica of the drug and alcohol treatment programs offered at Conewago Place and Conewago-Wernersville.
Noting a need for a continuum of care and additional aftercare resources, Firetree, Ltd. in 1997 entered into a joint venture with Genesis House, Inc. in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Established in May of 1985, the primary goal of Genesis House, Inc. was to provide outpatient substance abuse counseling services to both male and female adults as well as adolescents. The main focus of the substance abuse program was, and still is on acceptance and awareness of the disease process, role fulfillment, expansion and use of support services, and cognitive behavioral change to support sobriety. Since its inception, Genesis House, Inc. has expanded its services to include sexual abuse/domestic violence, HIV/AIDS wellness, men’s and women’s groups dealing with specific gender oriented issues, and intensive outpatient treatment. Genesis House, Inc. has had extensive experience working with offenders and parolees as a result of its dedicated service to the Allenwood Federal Penitentiary, the Lycoming County Pre-release Center (male parolees), the Lycoming County Transitional Living Center (female parolees), and the Pennsylvania State Parole. While Genesis House, Inc. treats all persons it has obtained an outstanding reputation in Williamsport and the surrounding area for its treatment of adolescents. Genesis House has expanded services by establishing Genesis House Harrisburg and Genesis House Bloomsburg in order to provide the same level of treatment to those area’s residents.

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