Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brittany Nation Foundation Against Drunk Driving

Brittany Nation Foundation Against Drunk Driving

This Foundation was started to create a great awareness for the use of a Designated Driver and allowing them to drive when it comes time to. If you get in a jam call 813 996 7636 or 1 800 AAA HELP for Tow to Go.The Brittany Nation Foundation Against Drunk
To get the word out for everyone to use a Designated Driver when out on the town or leaving a house party what ever the occasion. Awareness is Huge let's all make a difference!
Company Overview
This is being started in the name of our Daughter Brittany Nation whom was killed due to a Drunk Driver that wouldn't allow her to drive when she was sober. Her only fault was getting in the car, but when your an hour an a half away from home you might feel helpless at 12:30 AM. The Foundation is directed to preventing senseless deaths or injury due negligence of a Drunk Driver. By giving a ride to those in need but even more important, to get the awareness of using a Designated driver.
We strive to pick up people in dangerous situations all over the the Tampa Bay area. It is our goal to stop the loss of life due to people thinking there only buzzed, when in fact there drunk.The loss of our Beautiful, Caring , Giving of herself person, that good will come from it, and we together can save lives.

You can contact us right now at 813 996 7636 to be picked up. This Organization has begun from the Land O Lakes and it stretching outward where it ends no one knows. We are reaching for the stars on this one! or email us at with any suggestions you may have. Our goal is to save Lives We don't pick up people whom have been drinking and are just abusing the service. It is for people whom feel helpless. So don't give into some one that say's "I'm fine I can drive no problem besides it's my car" just tell them NO! and Don't Get In!

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General Information
We advertise in our area at local High Schools where young and impressionable kids grow up and drive. Get the word out to them by making an influence on them to not drink and drive early on. We also advertise at local Little league in our area, to reach them at even a younger age. Social networking, to provide examples groups for healing after losing a loved one. As well as giving out rides in our area for those that can not drive or are in fear to get in a car when some one has been drinking. We get them to safety! 

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