Friday, December 14, 2012


Greater Philadelphia Region of Narcotics Anonymous
                                                                      God, Self, Society and Service!
Narcotics Anonymous offers only one promise... Freedom from active addiction.

                              NA Logo OldWelcome to Narcotics Anonymous a nonprofit Fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using. We suggest that you keep an open mind and give yourself a break. Our program is a set of principles witten so simply that we can follow them in our daily lives. The most important thing about them is that they work.

...People have all sorts of reasons for attending NA meetings, but the reason for each meeting is to give NA members a place to share recovery with other addicts. If you are not an addict, look for an open meeting, which welcomes nonaddicts. If you're an addict or think you might have a drug problem, we suggest a meeting every day for at least ninety days to get to know NA members and our program..."

Areas, we need your support NOW!


World Convention comes to Philadelphia in 2013
World Convention Flyer For the first time, the World Convention of Narcotics Anonymous will be holding this amazing recovery event in the Greater Philadelphia Region. In 2013, the WCNA will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Hope to see you there!

The World Convention of Narcotics Anonymous post convention information as soon as it becomes available, but if you wish to be notified of WCNA information via email, please
subscribe. We have convention merchandise for sale. Click this link WCNA Merchandise for sale!

Get ready to get in service. The WCNA will need Greater Philadelphia Region Areas and members to get in service. Stand toned for volunteers information

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