Thursday, December 27, 2012

Parents360 Rx

The Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit is a new community education resource that can be used by professionals from law enforcement, prevention and treatment, as well as by any concerned adults who want to share information about medicine abuse with their friends, family, neighbors and organizations to which they belong.

How does it work?

The Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit consists of a video, a discussion guide and a small number of documents, and is available to individuals and organizations at no charge. Program hosts show the short (11-minute) video, which addresses the impact of medicine abuse on real families, to stimulate an informal discussion. The focus of this video is prescription medicine abuse, considered by many to be the biggest substance abuse threat we currently face and one that is unknown to many parents and underestimated by many others. While medicine abuse is the focus, the discussion may be guided to include other substance abuse topics as desired.
Hosts can use this toolkit at meetings of groups to which they belong, such as parent-teacher organizations, faith groups or even in the workplace. The kit may also be used in more traditional Parents360 venues where there are stringent time constraints (e.g. Rotary Club meetings). Or, hosts may wish to invite a few friends, family, neighbors or any group of concerned adults to their home or to another place in their community where they are comfortable such as a library, schools, places of worship, or local restaurants.

The Parents360 Rx Medicine Abuse Action Kit makes it very easy to share the video and have a meaningful, productive discussion about the issues raised within. All that is required is a computer connected to a projector or a DVD player that is connected to a TV.
You can learn more about the medicine abuse issue by visiting The Medicine Abuse Project and by viewing a slidecast about prescription drugs and over-the-counter cough medicine.
We also ask for your help to spread the word.  You can make a real difference in the lives of your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors by sharing information about the Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit.  We have created versions for individuals as well as organizations such as police departments, schools, prevention organizations, health care providers and businesses.
Technical assistance on using this new tool is available upon request.

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