Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hello Readers,

          Not to often I openly express and share my personal experiences, but in this case I must!  Recently I was presented with an awesome opportunity, as I have been presented these opportunities throughout most of my life.  Life changing opportunities, that I have turned into failures and for the longest time, I could not figure out why they did not pan out. Once I was delivered from addiction by the LORDS grace, I wanted to dedicate my life to doing HIS work!  These past ten years many opportunities have been brought my way by HIS hand! I would join churches develop recovery programs, open a recovery house and be blessed with the opportunity to expand these opportunities beyond my imagination. Somehow, and I now know how these opportunities became some of my greatest failures. Growing up I lived in household of cynical and destructive negative thinking.  My days were filled with the comments of your going to screw it up or the thinking that there was nothing good in people in the outside world.  Working the twelve steps did not even open my eyes to the fact that I have been a prideful, arrogant fool my entire life!  Learning this now is deliverance from self and just one of HIS divine ways of HIM revealing  why I have not reached my full potential in life!  Joy is what I need to share with you, ,joy because I see now it was not everybody else who was causing my failures it was me.  This most recent opportunity was one of the best I have been presented with in quite sometime and it is my hope that prideful arrogant me has not shut the door on this one.  In everyone of these opportunities their was excitement at first and then came the negative thinking which was embedded as a child then along comes, doubt,  fear and self destructive behaviors.  How many of  you out there spend countless hours spinning your wheels trying to figure out how did this go wrong!  You did everything right, or did you?  Fear, doubt, and self destructive behaviors are satans way of keeping us from reaching our full potential!  Satan even used scripture against me,  like he did to JESUS!  A wise man has many councils, is what was whispered over and over throughout my mind.  So that is what I did with all of these opportunities,  listened to other people and to that nagging voice!  What I missed was what GOD was trying to tell me!  Stop listening to you and others when presented with an opportunity, you just might get a surprise and discover who you truly are and reach your full potential!

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