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Saturday, September 21, 2013
PRO-ACT Recovery Walks! 2013

        The date is now set for PRO-ACT's Recovery Walks! 2013, which we will hold once more at Penn's Landing on the beautiful waterfront in Philadelphia. Put September 21 on your calendar.

        The Planning Committee already has had a couple of meetings and our first priority is to enlist your help as a volunteer on the various committees that make the Walk the success we have had in the past.
Walk Committees Need Volunteers NOW!

        Can you spare a few hours between now and September 21, 2013, to be part of the large PRO-ACT team that at the end of September 21 can look back at the day with pride and say,
"I contributed to the success of Recovery Walks! 2013"
Please help--we can't do it without YOU!

        We are recruiting volunteers NOW to share their ideas and energy to help make Recovery Walks 2013 the success we have enjoyed in the past.  We need those with some leadership abilities to serve as committee chairpersons and those with an interest in the various tasks to serve as committee members.

        Committee chairpersons will be asked either to attend some of the monthly Planning Meetings in person, call in and participate by telephone, or send a substitute to report to the group. The Monthly Planning Meetings are held at the PRO-ACT Recovery Training Center at 444 North 3rd Street in downtown Philadelphia (but calling in is acceptable). Committee members don't have to attend those monthly meetings but are asked to work with their committee chairpersons.

        There are several committees, some of which are:
Registration        Publicity        Banners & Signs        On-site Logistics        Transportation        Solutions             Parking         Teams 
If you can spare a little time, please call Kim Doughty at 215-923-1661 or send an e-mail to Kim by clicking here.
Philadelphia Recovery Idol Competition
Solo Singers; Duet Singers; Musicians

The Winner will perform at PRO-ACT Recovery Walks! 2013
Will receive local and national media coverage
Will win a professional recording session

The Philadelphia Recovery Coalition invites you to enter for a chance to audition. The first 100 people to submit a complete entry form will be considered. Complete entries must be received by
 FEBRUARY 1, 2013
For an entry form, please call Derrick Ford at 215-546-1200, ext. 4780
or send an email to him by clicking here
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