Sunday, October 14, 2018

Y  ou read that right. “KD” or “Katie” is the name of the new drug trend taking over. And it’s disgusting. Any variety of combustible substances from marijuana to tobacco are being sprayed with common household bug sprays like Raid and then smoked. The result is an intense “high” lasting about 20-45 minutes where the user goes into a catatonic state of drooling and basically having a seizure. Sounds fun, right?
Well in Indianapolis, where this seems to have originated, it’s been quite a problem. More and more people are being admitted to hospitals because of this concoction, which apparently sells on the streets for quite cheap. Paramedics describe a “zombie-like” state with convulsions in users.
Each year there appears to be a new, crazy drug trend that begins in some area

This may be the saddest one I’ve heard. It really points to the desperation of addiction and the state of our nation’s drug problem.
The health concerns with this are obvious. But to me, the real startling factor is this: How long has bug spray been around? We’ve literally gone decades using this stuff as it’s intended. And, through prior drug and cultural trends, smoking it has never been popular! Seriously, what is going on!!!
This wasn’t just a few kids in high school. It’s to the degree that there are headlines and news stories about the seriousness of the problem.
Clearly, this isn’t the only drug causing harm out there. An addict will go to desperate ends to escape reality, even if only for moments. If you or someone you know needs help ending the cycle of addiction, please call us.
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