Thursday, October 25, 2018

Recovery Boot Camp - A Chance at Life

Anthony told his mom he was ready. He was tired. Like many of our kids he had been to multiple rehabs since he had begun using. When he spoke to a TAM admin, back in mid-May, he mentioned that his longest time going without substances was 89 days. He kept trying to fight alone; finally realizing that going alone wasn’t working. He wanted desperately to be in recovery. He wanted to be better for his 7yr old daughter, and for his supportive mom. In mid May of this year, Recovery Boot Camp of Delray Florida offered a scholarship to all The Addict’s Mom members. When Anthony’s mom, a TAM member, saw the post, she immediately told him, and he began doing the work needed to apply for the scholarship. Ultimately his application was chosen by RBC and at the end of May he arrived at their facility.

The Addict’s Mom was excited to receive the following update from his mom that she wanted us to share: 4 and a half months later Anthony is still in the program, working his recovery like a boss; with new friends, a job and an entire new outlook on his ability to remain in recovery. Seeing the changes in her son during a recent visit has made her hopeful that this is his time.

Congratulation.s to Anthony and his family! And thank you to Recovery Boot Camp for offering the family this chance at life.
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