Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our Treatment Team at Inspirations for Youth and Families wishes you and your family a Happy Halloween and a wonderful remainder of your month!

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Watch Inspirations' Alumni Talk About How Inspirations Affected Their Life!

If your child has been battling drug abuse and has become too dangerous to handle, it is important to take action immediately. Substance Abuse it a tough thing to deal with and typically time only makes it worse. If you wait you are risking your teens life. Contact us today for help!

Restoring Dreams, Saving Lives

Inspirations for Youth and Families,
Your Trusted Partner in Teen Residential Rehab.

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Now, you can not only get your teen the treatment they need, but make sure that they are continuing their education in the process! Some of our teens come to Inspirations and graduate high-school while getting treatment under our care!
Proud Mother Writes About Son's Change at Inspirations

"Words are not enough to express how grateful and thankful I am for all you have done for my son, Demetrio.

After 77 days at Inspirations, he is a changed young man."

Parents Should Know How About Mental Health Problems 

Do you know the tell-tale signs of mental health problems and how to treat them?

One of the greatest problems facing teens is that they easily get "lost in the crowd." Bright, capable kids might be written off as "difficult" or "defiant" and end up lost in the public school system or in traditional private schools. 

How Rehab can Improve Your Teen's Mental Health

Often times, teens face serious mental health conditions which cause problems in their life. Sometimes this leads to a teen addiction, poor performance, rage and other problems.

This is why we dedicate numerous staff members to each case and a lot of time to individual treatment with each teen resident.

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The Inspirations program believes that no two teens are alike and that every addict is different. With that in mind, each teen undergoes an individual assessment to create a treatment plan tailor-made to their specific needs. Ingrained in this is the use of dual diagnosis treatment to help teens address their addiction as well as other mental or behavioral disorders.

Ronnie, now an alumni of this program, experienced this program and was very pleased with the value it brought him.

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