Thursday, October 25, 2018

Highly Addictive New Opioid, Stronger Than Fentanyl is Poised to Be Approved by FDA
10/20/18 - The decision was made by the FDA’s advisory committee on October 12, where a 10–3 vote occurred in favor of the drug hitting the market. 

As Canada legalizes pot, other countries likely to follow
Oct. 17, 2018 - More than two dozen countries have relaxed their marijuana or other drug laws, and a number could consider legalizing in the not-too-distant future.

Global ‘war on drugs’ a failure
Oct. 21, 2018 - The United Nations’ drug strategy of the past 10 years has been a failure, according to a major report by the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), which has called for a major rethinking of global policy on illegal narcotics...

ABC's Spotlights Drug Addiction With Death Of Roseanne Barr's Character
Oct. 16, 2018 - The Conners,  which premiered tonight with a pilot episode titled "Keep On Truckin’," takes a deep-dive look into the complex issue of prescription drug addiction and misuse with the death of Roseanne Conner by an accidental overdose of pain medications.

High Holidays Forever VIDEO
Battling addiction in Orthodox Jewish community means breaking through silence VIDEO
Oct. 21, 2018 - Elana Forman, 23, hit rock bottom near Palm Beach, Florida, where she stayed in motels for two weeks with someone she met in a recovery program.

Trump declared an emergency over opioids and did nothing.
Oct. 23, 2018 - The emergency declaration is emblematic of the federal response to the opioid crisis: a good idea that’s not enough.

Burlington police chief reacts to Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir obituary: ‘I have a problem’
Oct. 17, 2018 -I have a problem with this obituary. Born here in Burlington, Madelyn was the 30-year old mother of a toddler. She was beloved by her family. She became addicted to opiods when she was 16 after she tried Oxy at a party.

STARTS TOMORROW on SANTA MONICA BLVD. - The Reel Recovery Film Festival & Symposium presented by Addiction Policy Forum and Writers In Treatment will launch in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s Royal Theater, including an opening night reception at Reception at Safir, A World Class Mediterranean Restaurant.

How one family used an obituary to lay out the reality of opioid addiction
Oct. 20, 2018 - After Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir died on 7 October, Kate O’Neill penned a now-viral obituary on her sister’s addiction battle as ‘an authentic authoring of her life’...

Growing Up NPR AUDIO
Father and Son Behind ‘Beautiful Boy’ Share Story of Addiction & Recovery AUDIO
October 19, 2018 - David Sheff and his son Nic both wrote memoirs about Nic’s meth addiction. Their stories are now the basis of a film starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet.

Does This Give You Dis-Ease? VIDEO
The Neuroscience of Addiction - with Marc Lewis VIDEO
Dec. 10, 2016 - All I care about is - this is the best explanation of addiction that I’ve ever encountered. And I will probably have to watch it many times and write down all important points and suggestions because I am sugar and food addict.

Employees and execs are failing drug tests at shocking rates
October 20, 2018 - More local prospective workers are testing positive for substance abuse, or showing up stoned for work, according to industry analysts. war on drugs
Oct. 16, 2018 - Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro to Republican US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have encouraged the harsher prosecutor approach.

A Star is Born - Through the Lens of Addiction
OCTOBER 11, 2018 - The first half of A STAR IS BORN is essentially a rom-com, because rom-coms are always about the beginning of relationships. The meet-cute. The all-things-are-possible phase.

Reformed Alcoholic Issues Youth Warning!
OCTOBER 20, 2018 - Constant anger and engaging in fights are the symptoms of alcoholism that Richmond Constantine says nearly ruined his life...

Huntington Beach, Orange County sue sober homes
Oct. 19, 2018 - Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates, shown earlier this year, hopes to team up with the Orange County DA to crack down on unruly sober living homes.

Despicable Douche VIDEO
GOP Congressman Asks for Sympathy from Drug-Addicted Inmate VIDEO
October 18, 2018 - Rep. Dave Brat made one of the most tone-deaf comments imaginable to an incarcerated man suffering from drug addiction...

A Rock and a Hard Place VIDEO
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility Close to School Upsets Parents VIDEO
Oct. 19, 2018 - parents are calling for a new drug and alcohol treatment facility to move locations after learning it houses sexual offenders.

Spiritual Adrenaline: A Lifestyle Plan to Nourish and Strengthen Your Recovery
January 8, 2019 - Personal trainer and sports nutritionist, Tom Shanahan, outlines a program of action to energize, reboot, and strengthen one’s recovery, especially those who feel they may have hit a wall in their program.

Security guard charged with sexually assaulting patient at addiction facility
October 20, 2018 - Video footage showed that the guard, Ronald David Rodriguez, attempted to rape the 22-year-old woman as she slept...

SPERMAGGEDDON! Men are becoming gravely infertile
OCTOBER 20, 2018 - Junk food, lack of exercise, pollution killing sperm quality globally...

Controversial ‘Harm Reduction’ Policy May Lower Death Toll 
10/22/18 - To people outside the harm reduction field, the notion that someone can walk in off the street and access, for free and without identification, the paraphernalia they need to inject their drugs might seem outrageous, maybe even criminal.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Sobriety Changed Everything
10/22/18 - Now coming up on her 60th birthday, movie star Jamie Lee Curtis is focused on her legacy.

Man of the Hour VIDEO
Boy George talks ‘the day he became sane’ and a decade of sobriety VIDEO
October 22, 2018 -“I got sober in 2008. March the 2nd, 2008. I know the date exactly. I always think of that day as ‘the day that I became sane...

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