Friday, June 27, 2014

COA on eBay .... Can U Help?
To raise funds for scholarships to treatment for individuals without health insurance, COA is selling selected high value items thru eBay Giving WorksIt's just like the Chinese auctions we have successfully hosted at many COA events....but global! We're hoping this will attract a larger audience for donated items, while also reaching individuals who may need our help.  If you would like to donate an item for sale, contact

This sale is being held to support Walk With the Angels, a major fundraiser for COA. Walk With the Angels will be held on September 14, 2014 in Mercer County Park to will support continued scholarships for recovery. The goal is to raise $50,000 and 100% of that will be used to send people to treatment for addiction and/or get them into sober living or medical care.

Walk With the Angels will be an uplifting event with live music, vendors, food, testimonials from recoverees, live broadcast on COA Recovery Radio ( and much, much more!

* COA is a service organization: all COA services are completely free of charge and everyone who works for COA is a volunteer. That means we can be completely objective and impartial, recommending the best options for our clients, based upon their individual situations. For help with a drug problem, call COA at 609-910-4942 or visit us online at
Let's Talk About Recovery!
With 10 original shows, COARR plays Recovery Talk 24/7/365....past shows are available online at and in each show's online archive. 

Tune in thru the smartphone app (free in the iphone/droid stores) or on to hear what's playing now.....

If you missed COA's Open House this past Saturday, you can listen to one of the speakers on COARR....
Anne Weymouth, CAP, CCJAP, CSAT-C, ICADC, MS is currently the Supervisor of the Women's Program at Destination Hope.  Her background includes training in specialties such as sexual addiction, process addictions and trauma therapy.  Ms. Weymouth has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, is a Certified Sexual Addiction and Trauma Therapist, Certified Criminal Justice Professional and is a Certified Addiction Professional.  
Tune in to "Women & Addiction" this Tuesday, July 1 at 8:30 pm EST as Terri talks with Cheryl, a Mountainside mom with an amazing story of hope and redemption. 
Cheryl got clean when she became pregnant with her son, then turned his death last fall into an opportunity to help others. She is now a certified Recovery Coach, and is building COA North in North Jersey. 
Tune in to find out more at or the COARR smartphone app....or click the link on the right!
New Jersey Mother Has Warning About Heroin
New Jersey Mother Has Warning About Heroin

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