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As Father’s Day Approaches, Scary Side of Parenting Revealed in Pre-Teen Stabbing
“Kids in our society are confused and hurting, and they’re looking externally for sources of influence, whether they find it at home or somewhere else,” said Dr. Karl Benzio, founder, executive director and a psychiatrist at the Lighthouse Network, an addiction and mental health counseling helpline. “They are getting spiritual and psychological lessons from many different schools of thought and philosophies—often the wrong ones. Many times, parents can be in denial that their kids are listening to these negative influences, holding a ‘not-my-child’ attitude. Dads especially can sometimes, unintentionally, take a hands-off approach. As fathers, we always feel as if we’ll have a chance tomorrow, when work slows down, when our money situation is better, when the kids get older. But as we can see, 12-year-olds are making very dangerous adult decisions. We need to continually ask ourselves, ‘Who is influencing my child? Me or someone else?’ We’ve got to stay connected and involved with our kids.”
With Father's Day Coming Up on Sunday
Look at Dr. Karl's 11 Tips for Successful Fathering

1. Grow yourself spiritually, then apply what you learn in your life.
2. Be committed to a growing and healthy marriage.
3. It’s not just quality time, but more significantly, it’s quantity of time that really counts.
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Dr. Karl Benzio Interviews with Perry Atkinson,

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Date: Monday, June 16th

Time: 11:30 a.m. ET

Topic: 11 Successful Fathering Tips and the Scary Side of Parenting Teen Addicts 

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Lighthouse Network Featured in The Christian Post

Christian Psychiatrist on Santa Barbara Shooter:
Many Warning Signs Apparent to Family, Friends Went 'Largely Unheeded'
The founder and executive director of a Christian-based addiction and mental health counseling helpline says that there were plenty of warning signs that should have prompted a number of different people to seek help for Santa Barbara, California, shooter Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old who killed six people before dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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