Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Vote FOR Issue 20 | Inside Talbert House - Fall 2019

FALL 2019
Vote FOR Issue 20
We need your vote!

Tomorrow Issue 20, the Family Services & Treatment levy, is on the ballot in Hamilton County.

This renewal levy, which won’t raise taxes, is the smallest county-wide operating levy costing just $9.84/year, or less than 82¢/month, for every $100,000 of home value that is determined by the Hamilton County Auditor. Passage of the renewal levy will continue to maintain support services promoting stronger and more vibrant communities by effectively reducing crime related to drugs, addiction and mental health issues.

Please vote FOR Issue 20, the Family Services & Treatment levy!
Talbert House was awarded a two-year, $940,000 grant from bi3 to open a third primary care clinic.
We invite you to review our performance and share in the success of those we serve.
Eleventh annual event brings $300,000 to the Fatherhood Project.
Talbert House goes tropical to raise $30,000 at Bonefish Grill.
How CCMEP helped a young mother attend school, get a job and earn a driver's license, while raising two children.

Nov. 22 - Make Camp Possible

Oct. 8 - Nov. 4 - Early Voting/Election Day

Talbert House's mission is to improve social behavior and enhance personal recovery and growth. Last year, Talbert House served over 24,200 clients face to face and an additional 80,200 through hotline and prevention services throughout Southwest Ohio.

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