Monday, September 23, 2019

We Teach Sex Ed to Kids, Why Not Addiction Awareness?

We Teach Sex Eds to Kids, Why Not Addiction Awareness - Episode 116 W/ Rajy Abulhosen
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Dr. Raiy is challenging people to consider this argument, why not include this information? Kids are being taught sex ed in school, why would it be more shocking to present real conversations in schools to kids about addiction? The answers may surprise you!
The Shocking Statistics.
Only 57% of parents in America tell their kids about drug and alcohol addiction, how it may relate to their families etc. This number must come up, there must be a better way to at least encourage parents to open up about this subject to their kids. As long as this stat stays true, we will never accomplish anything.
Dr. Raiy is an experienced Medical Director with expertise in Corporate Wellness, Travel Medicine/Counseling, and also as a Medical Review Officer.

In this episode we cover:
  • Addiction and mental health’s portrayal in the media.
  • Opting to perform drug testing on your child or teen can greatly reduce the likelihood of them trying drugs or succumbing to peer pressure.
  • How parents can talk to their kids about substance use.
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