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When Opioid Pain Relievers Are Prescribed For Your Child: What You Should Know
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Used appropriately, medicines can improve our lives. When misused and abused, however, the consequences can be devastating. The overprescribing and misuse of prescription pain relievers has been a major cause of today’s epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths, with four out of five heroin users reporting that they misused prescription opioids before using heroin.

We put together an overview to help you know what questions to ask when a healthcare provider recommends or prescribes a pain reliever for your child, and how to be sure that your child takes the medication as prescribed without misusing the medication or sharing it with others. Visit the links below or click the button at the bottom to read the whole overview:

What are Some Common Opioid Pain Relievers?

Why is the Misuse of Prescription Pain Relievers So Dangerous?

Why Would a Young Person Be Prescribed an Opioid Pain Reliever?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Child’s Healthcare Provider When an Opioid Pain Reliever is Recommended or Prescribed?

What Should You Do if an Opioid Pain Reliever Has Been Prescribed for Your Child?

What Signs of Misuse or Dependence Should a Parent Be Alert For?

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