Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Addict’s Mom (TAM) is thrilled to announce our Nutritional Consultant Mr. Fred Cohen.
Mr. Cohen is a Brillant Nutritional Consultant who isw
If you have not joined his new group Nutrition for Addiction you may do so now by clicking on 
A Note from Mr. Cohen
Because we all have different body chemistries some may have allergies to certain supplements . Before taking any type of supplement please check with your Doctor regarding its appropriateness ...
Never attempt to treat yourself without professional advice. Finally, should you have an allergic reaction to any supplement discontinue its use immediately and see your healthcare professional .
No statement posted in TAM Nutrition Group should be construed as a claim for cure , prevention, or treatment of any not reject mainstream medical advice and methods .
Learn as much as you can about your condition .... Get 2nd and 3rd opinions from qualified medical professionals .
Ask Questions ; it is a sign of wisdom to seek more knowledge through being an active participant in your healthcare .
The great physician Moses Maimonides said
" The physician should not treat the ailment , but the patient suffering from it."
All information given to and presented to you through TAM Nutrional Sight will have been researched and carefully updated to include the newest research on nutritional healing !
Thank you for enjoying and learning and becoming an active
Participant of your Healthcare
We at TAM are here to help each member's differing needs and to help you understand what and how nutrition can help you live a better life.
Respectfully ,
Fred Cohen
Nutritional Coordinator TAM

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