Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thoughts from the CEO's Desk

Greetings Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Professionals,
Here at Hired Power, we are embracing the "Dog Days of Summer". It is our PASSION that burnswhile on the road, on the phone and in our office(s). Connecting to our purpose while listening to a caller in crisis, speaking to a family member about our services, assigning the appropriate staff to a case, collaborating with treatment professionals, knowing each piece is incredibly delicate, critically individualized.

We are also having some fun at Hired Power this summer, mixing things up a bit. The addition of Ryan Franke has brought some great ideas and insight. We know that you will all be excited about the changes and (possible) additions, watch for more news to come.

More than ever, we are incredibly grateful for the 15 years that we have been able to serve clients and families in transition and/or crisis in their early steps of recovery. Wow, 15 years and all the strides we have made. Thank YOU for being a part of our journey! We look forward to many more years working together.

In service and thankfulness,
CEO, Hired Power


"Understanding the Opioid Epidemic"
Hired Power's CEO and President, Nanette Zumwalt, presented about 'Bringing Recovery Home' this month in Mississippi at the annual conference for law enforcement, physicians, educators, lawmakers, researchers, attorneys, advocates and community.

What is the 2018 Opioid and Heroin Mississippi Drug Summit?
  • The Summit is a conference aimed at informing the community about the growing epidemic of opioid and heroin abuse in the state of Mississippi.
  • Men and women in various career fields will be educated on the role that they play in fighting this epidemic.
  • Addicts and families of addicts will be offered support and guidance in taking steps toward rehabilitation.
Brandi Bradbury celebrates 4 years with Hired Power!
"I have been drawn to Hired Power since first hearing Nanette share her vision and passion with me about bridging the gap in 2004. Never could I have dreamed that I would be part of this innovative team, impacting future generations while helping individuals and families putting one foot in front of another toward healing and recovery"
  • With over 22 years working in the professional field of mental health and substance use treatment, Brandi continues to work closely with clients and families, collaborating with treatment professionals to integrate a full continuum of transition and treatment supports.
Random "Fun" Fact Check
What does the phrase "the Dog Days of Summer" mean,
defined by members of the Hired Power team:
Nanette: "The dog days of summer refers to the hot lazy days were even that dogs are resting from the heat"
Ryan Franke: "The hottest part of summer, when even the dogs are uncomfortable... ruff ruff"
Marni: "Skateboarding in the summer"
Laura: "Dog days of summer remind me of being a kid and it being hot - day after day- with no relief!"
Tracy: "I agree with Laura"
Brandi: "Long hot mornings followed by afternoon monsoon rainstorms and a lot of rainbows"
Ryan Budvitis: "I looked at the definition and it tainted what I originally thought, it ruined it"

Dogs aren’t the only creatures uncomfortable in oppressive heat, so why does a dog get singled out in dog days? The dog here is actually the Dog Star, which is also called Sirius. The star has long been associated with sultry weather in the northern hemisphere because it rises simultaneously with the sun during the hottest days of summer. In the ancient Greek constellation system, this star (called Seirios in Greek) was considered the hound of the hunter Orion and was given the epithet Kyon, meaning "dog." The Greek writer Plutarch referred to the hot days of summer as hÄ“merai kynades (literally, "dog days"), and a Latin translation of this expression as dies caniculares is the source of our English phrase.

Spreading Knowledge...
The Risks of Going Home After Treatment: Safe Passage can Save your Life
Safe passage is the solution to one of the most risky times in a newly recovered person’s life, the trip home after treatment. Graduating from treatment is an exhilarating experience. You will feel on top of the world, but you may also feel a bit hesitant. 
Home may have memories of drug and alcohol use. Home may be a trigger. Home may just feel different now that you are becoming a new person. The trip home after treatment can be just as daunting. You have been in a treatment center for several weeks or months, and now you are on your own. You may be asking yourself what the next step is.
Traveling in Recovery: What to bring with You
Vacation? Business trip? Family Reunion? Whatever the destination, traveling when in recovery can be an additional stress. There are ways to minimize that stress and spend more time enjoying the experience. The key to successful travel is planning ahead.
While this may not always be an option, but when you can, try to travel with a sober companion. Having someone with you that shares your passion for recovery, either theirs or yours, can remove a lot of excess pressure and help keep temptation out of your mind. Having a companion with you can make this a lot easier, and sometimes even more enjoyable. If you can’t have them with you physically, keep them nearby via phone or text. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your support system should you need.
"People with family history of alcoholism release more dopamine in expectation of alcohol"
By Elsevier. "People with family history of alcoholism release more dopamine in expectation of alcohol: A new study in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging investigates the brain chemistry of alcohol exposure in people with a range of risk for alcohol use disorder."
ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 23 May 2018. 

"This exaggerated reward center stimulation by expectation of alcohol may put the [individuals with family history] at greater risk of alcohol use disorder, and could be a risk factor in itself," said first author Lawrence Kegeles, MD, PhD, of Columbia University."
#hiredpowereverywhere | #hiredpowerfuturedestinations
July 26 - 27, 2018
Malibu, CA
August 19 - 22, 2018
Disneyland, CA
August 23 - 25, 2018
Park City, UT
Since it's inception 6 years ago, Hired Power has been a co-host of the Admissions & Marketing Symposium. We are proud to continue our dedication to providing this top notch training opportunity for admissions, marketing and executive professionals. See you there in October!
July 27-29: Los Angeles. CA
November 8-10: Nashville, TN
The International Recovery Institute (IRI) is a joint venture between Nanette Zumwalt and Dr. Judith Landau in an effort to raise the bar on professionalism with critical training and certification for supportive recovery services. IRI began in 2015 and currently offer 3-4 national trainings annually. 2018 will mark the first international training event.
Hired Power is proud to be members of the following professional organizations:
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